Bought it at $575.
Bought it at $575.

The best camera I have is a Nikon D3300. Looking up the price, it just gets cheaper and cheaper and cheaper! I have about 1500 pictures on it (and more!). Being the normal middle class family and not the female child version of bill gates, I can’t afford the most expensive gold camera on the earth. And if my photos aren’t the most cleanest, crisp, masterpieces you’ve ever seen, *sighs*, please forgive me. Actually, it’s the lenses’ fault. Another reason they might me shaky is that I don’t use a tripod. Birds, as you might imagine, are pretty skittish when there is a lens pointed right at their face, or if a 5-foot tall human is lumbering around their habitat. I just simply don’t have the time to set a tripod up.


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