OKC Zoo Birds: A Top Ten

Have you ever wanted to see so many birds in one place? So much nature? Well, this zoo is heaven for me! Since my parents have a membership, I can visit whenever I want. Whenever I go there, the first exhibit I scurry off to is the Dan Moran Aviary. There are 3 sections of the building, and it can get hot in there despite the giant fan. Of course, the whole park is teeming with life, right? So this is my top ten list of birds to see at the OKC Zoo.

10. Roadrunner

Nikon 3300 710
I think he’s eating a fetal mouse.

When I first saw this roadrunner, I thought, “Man, this thing is bigger than I expected!” In fact, he is 23 inches from beak to tail. One time I was driving down the street when I saw one, but he didn’t look this large! When I approached it with my camera, he scurried away in an instant, raising his wings and long tail. He slowly came back, fleeting along a bit of fence like a gymnast on a balance beam. I thought he was really cool looking, so that’s why he is on this list.

Roadrunners are native to Oklahoma and the rest of the American Southwest. Their diet consists of small animals, snakes, and lizards. In the wild, they zip away from predators like coyotes and hawks. They can sprint up to 15 miles per hour and fly for a bit before having to land. They are just more suited for running! You can find him at the Oklahoma Trails and the Sam Moore Bird Gardens.

9. Flamingo

Nikon 3300 447

    One of the first things I saw at the zoo were the flamingos. There are two flocks in the zoo, and both are pretty talkative! They look funny when they’re drinking water because they flip their head completely upside down. I’ve taken plenty of pictures of these birds. Some were even giving me the evil eye!

8. African Collared Doves

Left: Landed right over my head! Right: Two lovebirds!
Left: Landed right over my head! Right: Two lovebirds!

These doves are really accustomed to people. One flew and almost hit my head! When it landed on a branch nearby, it actually let me touch its tail! I was so happy I got to interact with one of my favorite birds. They live in the Dan Moran Aviary, and sometimes you can hear their cooing from outside the building. When I pointed my camera at them, they started to bob their heads up and down like they were trying to get different angles of me.

7. Ruddy Ducks

So Cute!
So Cute!

   I love all ducks in general because they are so cute! This little guy is from Argentina and is very eager to swim. He is about a foot long from beak to tail, so he is smaller than your average Mallard. His big feet help hip steer underwater, and they have a very bright blue beak. His feathers are a beautiful shade of chocolate brown.

6. Grey Ducks

Nikon 3300 933
Creating quite a splash!

   Here is another cute duck! They have pretty grey feathers with white spots at the ends. I forgot the name for this one so it would be nice if I could find out what it was again. I like this picture because you can see how a duck takes a bath! They walk around in little groups, so it is like a cute line of ducks.

5. Australian Magpie

Nikon 3300 951

    We don’t have magpies here in Oklahoma, nor have I ever seen one, so I really wanted to see one in real life. He was a little bigger than a crow and has black and white plumage. All of a sudden, I heard some jumbled riff-raff coming from his exhibit. Some other visitor noted that he sounded like R2-D2 from Star Wars! I cracked up at that one! This is my best picture of this bird, since he was skittish and the fence blocked my view. This is one intricate sounding bird!

4. Peafowl

BeFunky Collage1

    If you go to the OKC Zoo, you just can’t miss the peacocks! Literally! There everywhere! They like to walk around places that they would get fed, like the picnic areas or the entrance. Some even pose and fan out their massive tail! This happened to me once, as more and more visitors surrounded me trying to get a picture of the extravagant bird. Of course, my parents were standing a safe distance away. Last time I came I saw this rare albino peacock, so I quickly whipped out my camera and got a shot of him.

3. Blue-Green Macaw

Nikon 3300 971

   This is one of the Amazon’s greatest birds. I really like the vibrant plumage and the huge beak of this bird. I had to walk around from two different angles just to get a good view, and I almost tripped!

2. Bald Eagle

Nikon 3300 868

    Yay! America’s national bird! I think they are very cool looking. The bald eagles at the OKC Zoo are special. They have both gotten into accidents that rendered flying impossible, so the zoo patched them up and are now living happily together. Getting a good picture was hard because:1. They were too far away, and 2. They were more interested in not looking at me. Well, at least you can’t see them until winter in the wild.

1. Laughing Thrush

Nikon 3300 502

    We are finally at number 1! This is by far my favorite bird at zoo because he is cute and loves to talk. In fact, last time we went, my mom noticed it making a lot of squealing noises. Being the bird whisperer of the family, she whistled back. It looked like they were having one decent conversation! I was laughing the whole time! It was only a coincidence that he was sitting at the very front of the exhibit, so I got very good shots of this interesting bird.

    Thanks for reading my post. I love going to the zoo, so maybe their will be different birds next time! Stay up to date on my wonderful photography by following my blog.

                                                                          Hope you have a nice day!