Hello world!

It’s so great to see you! Well, whenever someone even checks this blog out. This blog will be all about nature and all the living things in it! I wanted to create this blog so people like you can recognize my photography. I like to go on hiking trips to take pictures and be with nature. Hope you all are having a good day with your fam and aren’t dying in the bottom of a hole. Trust me, it happens.


Just because I like you so much, I gave you this less than decent picture of me. Yes, I’m Asian. Right about now, *cues rain*, tropical depression Bill is moving over my humble abode. By the way, did I mention that I take all the pictures on this site. Amazing, right? Taking the bird photos are harder than it looks, because I had to chase a bird around my yard for 20 minutes straight just to take a picture of the 3-inch long beast.

I still don't know what this is. Can anyone help?
I still don’t know what this is. Can anyone help?

 Please comment! It really makes me feel better that people actually read my content. On your comment, please do not cuss like a black rapper at a night club or it will be terminated. You can also follow me on Instagram @drea1820. Email me at aj182053@gmail.com. To sound less demanding, here is a picture of a baby mockingbird.baby-mockingbird-motivational-poster

Thank you for reading, and watch out for my next post!